Argyll Fenton are experts in executive, business and leadership coaching, assessment and development. Equally, we specialise in strategic networks and effective networking practices.

We design and deliver tailored learning programmes to drive and sustain high organisational output through exceptional people performance, ultimately to enable key players to enhance business performance, fulfill strategic business goals and realise corporate vision.

We invest time to develop a thorough understanding of our clients business activities and objectives and work hard to ensure our learning and development initiatives deliver return on investment.

Our values are inherent in our coaching and learning philosophy, which is to live and learn, adapt and apply.

With passion and professionalism created through enriched business, leadership and personal experiences, Soraya Fenton and her team drive excellence in leadership.

Well known for our positive and pragmatic business approach, we design and provide coaching and developmental experiences to embed learning, develop confidence and deliver business, professional and personal success.

We have found Argyll Fenton's management diligence process to be very effective at highlighting the key traits of individuals and a team through a rigorous, thought provoking exercise.

Craig McDermid
Investment Director
Murray Capital


With more than 90% repeat business, we work with international, national and local companies, covering banking, financial services, media, engineering, construction & property, law, accountancy, recruitment, biosciences / medical research, and telecoms. more about our clients


Founded by Soraya Fenton in 2002, we are experts in executive, business & leadership coaching, assessment & development for corporate leaders. Based in Glasgow, we have a European reach. more about what we do